#goals- FREE 2018 Calendar


Friends! It’s 2018 woot woot– this year’s gunna be uge. Uuuge. And to help get ourselves organized over here in the Smith home, we worked up this giant (48 x 36 inch) wall calendar. The work is already done so I figured I’d throw it up here to offer those of you who are as full of golden intentions as we are!

I’ve never done a download so let me know if you have issues, but for your free calendar you should just be able to

  1. Click this link:  Download Now
  2. Drag the goals2018calendar.jpg (from wherever you save it on your computer) onto a thumb drive
  3. Take it to Staples and kindly ask them to print you a “large format black and white print”. It should cost under $7

You’re welcome to downsize too. I’ll take no offense to those who don’t want to be as awesome as us and display a life-sized calendar on their bedroom wall. PS- print wherever you’d like! These instructions are just how we went about it.

Cheers to a New Year and big love to you all!