Birth Story Rates

Begin at……………………………..$500

Session fee includes:

– Full coverage of labor and delivery at your complete discretion

– Flash drive containing all of the edited images from your photo session


Birth story photography is the most miraculous, spiritual and beautiful type of life event that I photograph. The joy, endurance, and elation that a couple works through together in bringing new life into the world is sacred beyond words. It is literally the greatest thing I have ever witnessed.

It is also an absolutely personal and private event. This is why I capture it all with an almost completely hands-off approach. I am simply there to document your experience. Of COURSE I want to get to know you a little bit beforehand, and there are plenty  of details to discuss. So if you’re interested at all, contact me using the Contact form on this website and let’s start with a conversation about the miraculous life you’re preparing to bring into this world.