Austin & JD . Wedding

It doesn’t get more true-blue(grass) Kentucky than Austin & JD’s wedding celebrations.  The amount of forethought and love poured into the details and quiet moments of that day were astounding. It all pieced together in such a beautiful display of southern charm, genuine hospitality, and deep rooted love for who and what is most important in life. I can’t thank the Lord enough for these opportunities to share in so much joy and beauty with my clients on their happiest days.Around the time of the wedding, Austin’s family was dealing with her father’s  Alzheimers diagnosis. In hindsight, it’s made images of them together some of my favorites because THIS is why photographs matter. Our lives matter, our relationships matter, and tangible proof of what they look like today, can mean the world.The Blue Bell groom’s cake though haha, it wins best groom’s cake to date hands down. Look at it!
photographs matter, guy morriss, UK Guy MorrissVENDORS-

  • Wedding Planner: Soirée Blue
  • Video: Sublime Media Group
  • Hair & Make-up: Katie Russo Beauty
  • Flowers: Refined Social
  • Venue/ Catering: Apiary
  • Cake: Martines Bakery Lexington
  • Band: The Sensations booked through Mid East Entertainment